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Deep Autotuner

We describe a machine-learning approach to pitch correcting a solo singing performance in a karaoke setting, where the solo voice and accompaniment are available on separate tracks...

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2019 2 min read — Tags: research
Interactive Travel Mapper

I did a lot of driving in 2017, so much so that I thought it'd be nice to chart it all out interactively in a video. Thus, Mappr was born. It is a Python program which parses city data and location...

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2018 < 1 min read — Tags: projects travel
Redoing My Website

Welcome to the latest iteration of my website for 2018! Thematically, it's the same as the former, but a ton has changed under the hood. Here are the major changes...

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2017 11 min read — Tags: projects web
Psychoacoustics for Speech Denoising

We present a psychoacoustically enhanced cost function to balance neural network complexity and perceptual performance of deep neural networks for speech denoising. While training the network, we utilize...

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2017 2 min read — Tags: research